libtool-cache - cache GNU libtool commands for better compilation speed

Copyright (c) 2005 Robert Ögren (gtk at roboros dot com)

Latest released version: 0.4 (2005-03-06)

This project is currently meant for experienced developers - read the README file carefully!

Latest news

2009-06-21: SF logo updated.
2005-03-06: Version 0.4 released
2005-02-23: Version 0.3 released
2005-02-12: Project moving to SourceForge
2005-01-25: Version 0.2 released


libtool-cache is a Perl script that caches the commands executed by GNU libtool to increase compilation speed primarily on systems running Microsoft Windows and using Cygwin. It caches both compile and link commands. Caching compile commands gives nice speedups even the first run as the source and target file name are replaced by a generic placeholder before caching (the 2.6 branch of GTK+ requires only 9 different compile commands), while linking of libraries mostly give a speedup in subsequent runs (nice when doing a few edit-compile-test cycles). Linking of exe files gives some speedup even the first run if the exes are built from one source file with the same base name as the exe (like the GTK+ test programs or GIMP common plugins).

It should be possible to port this to other platforms without too much trouble, please tell me if you have succeeded with any such project.

Please go to the project page on SourceForge to download the files and report bugs.

If you found this tool useful, please tell me! It will affect how much time I'll spend on improving the tool.

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